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The border of Rajasthan Frontier was guarded by the RAC (Rajasthan Armed Constabulary) prior to raising of the Border Security Force. During Dec 1965 Border Security Force was raised and took over the responsibility of Western Frontier in Rajasthan, Gujarat and Punjab on 01 June'1966.

Brig Apjee Randhir Singh was the first DIG of Rajasthan Sector with HQr at Jodhpur. Frontier HQ of Rajasthan and Gujarat was established on Ist Nov 1971 at Jodhpur under the command of Shri M P Singh, IPS, as its first Inspector General, During May 1972, one new Sector i.e. Bikaner Sector was raised. Later, on Ist April 1989 one more Sector HQ was established, at Jaisalmer and Sector Headquarters at Jodhpur was shifted to Barmer.

Rajasthan and Gujarat Frontier was commanded by following Inspector's General :-

1 SHRI M P SINGH, IPS 01.01.1974 31.07.1974
2 SHRI HAMIR SINGH, IPS (OFFG) 01.08.1974 10.01.1975
3 SHRI R LAL, IPS 11.01.1975 01.07.1975
4 SHRI HAMIR SINGH, IPS (OFFG) 02.07.1975 09.03.1976
5 SHRI KUNWAR RANDHIP SINGH, IPS 10.03.1976 01.06.1976
6 SHRI K RAM MURTI, IPS 02.06.1976 30.08.1977
7 SHRI RAGHUNATH SINGH, IPS 31.08.1977 31.01.1983
8 SHRI SHIV LAL, IPS (OFFG) 01.02.1983 28.08.1983
9 SHRI J K BALANI, IPS 29.08.1983 30.08.1985
10 SHRI D P N SINGH, IPS 04.09.1985 14.01.1986
11 SHRI K S RATHORE, IPS 15.01.1986 21.10.1988
12 SHRI S N MISHRA, IPS 22.10.1988 16.12.1988
13 SHRI AMITABH GUPTA, IPS 17.12.1988 15.04.1993
14 SHRI A K BHANDARI, IPS 16.04.1993 09.02.1996
15 SHRI ASHOK KUMAR (OFFG) 10.02.1996 29.02.1996
16 SHRI SHANTANU KUMAR, IPS 01.03.1996 07.05.1998
17 SHRI K S JANGPANGI, IPS(OFFG) 08.05.1998 28.06.1998
18 SHRI BAKHSHIS SINGH 29.06.1998 30.03.2001
19 SHRI K VIJAY KUMAR, IPS 31.03.2001 08.06.2001
20 SHRI O P S MALIK, IPS 20.07.2001 16.05.2003
21 SHRI S N JAIN, IPS 23.05.2003 11.03.2007
22 SHRI K L MEENA, IPS 11.03.2007 31.07.2012
23 SHRI P C MEENA, IPS 01.08.2012 07.02.2015
24 Dr B R MEGHWAL, IPS 10.02.2015 03.01.2017
25 SHRI ANIL PALIWAL, IPS 03.01.2017  

The total length of Indo-Pak border of Raj &Guj Frontier was 1545 Kms including 104 Kms Creek area.

During 1971 India-Pak war the troops of Rajasthan and Gujarat Frontier were decorated for their gallant action. Following awards were bestowed on the personnel for their valuable contributions during the war :-

1 Virchakra 03
2 President's Police Medal for Gallantry 05
3 Sena Medal 20
4 Vishist Sewa Medal 02
5 Police Medal for Gallantry 23
6 President's Police Medal for distinguished service 02
7 Police Medal for Meritorious service 09

During 1986, Shri K S Rathore, IPS the then Inspector General, Rajasthan and Gujarat Frontier had raised a Camel mounted brass band which now regularly participates in Republic day parade at Delhi every year and has earned the Force the distinction of having the unique Camel mounted brass band. The responsibility for training the Camel contigent as well as Camel mounted brass band is delegated to STC of the Frontier. Besides this the STC also conducts Force level and Frontier level courses.

On 12 July 2004 Rajasthan and Gujarat Frontier was bifurcated into two Frontiers i.e. Rajasthan Frontier and Gujarat Frontier. Shri S N Jain, IPS is the first IG of Rajasthan Frontier with HQr at Jodhpur. Now Rajasthan Frontier has four Operational Sectors, i.e. Sriganganagar, Bikaner, Jaisalmer-I and Jaisalmer-II. One Subsidiary Training Centre is located at Jodhpur adjacent to the Frontier HQrs, two BSF Arty Regiments one each located at Bikaner and Jaisalmer.


Rajasthan state is located in western part of India sharing its western border with Pakistan and bound on north by Punjab and Haryana, east by UP and MP and South by Gujarat. Rajasthan state has 07 divisions and 32 Districts. Four Districts namely Sriganganagar, Bikaner, Jaisalmer and Barmer share internationals border with Pakistan. The total length of this border from BP No. 274 to BP No. 921 which is 1037 Kms. Out of this a stretch of 804 Kms covering border of Sriganganagar District, Bikaner District and Jaisalmer District, is being guarded by Rajasthan Frontier and remaining 233 Kms of border of Barmer District has been shifted under Gujarat Frontier.

There is a famous Temple at Tanot located 120 Km from Jaisalmer and it is named after goddess Tanot. The place is said to be incarnation of Goddess Hinglaz now located in Lasvela Distt of Bluchistan. The last of Pak Bhati Rajput made Tanot as their capital. The place is a great source of inspiration for troops of BSF and Army due to the miracle that happened during 1965 Indo Pak war when all the enemy shells fired on site get blind and they were no casualities of own troops. For more details Click here.



Security of border of India and matters connected therewith.


The tasks of the BSF are divided as follows:

(a) Peace time:

  1. Promote a sense of security among the people living in the border areas.
  2. Prevent trans border crimes, unauthorized entry into or exit from the territory of India.
  3. Prevent smuggling and any other illegal activity.

In the last few years the BSF has, in addition to their duties, been deployed for counter insurgency and internal security duties.

(b) War Time:

  1. Holding ground in less threatened sectors.
  2. Protection of vital installations.
  3. Assistance in control of refugees.
  4. Anti-infiltration duties in specified areas.


The BSF, in its 46th year of existence, has emerged as an elite force of the country having excelled with distinction in the 1971 war with Pakistan. Its ethos is "Any task, any time, any where" and the BSF has given blood and sweat to execute its motto "जीवन पर्यन्त कर्तव्य".


The concept of border fencing, flood lighting and construction of roads has been introduced with the aim to stop infiltration/exfiltration on the border.


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